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Browse through our luxurious yet affordable collection exquisite home furnishings, decor and finely crafted plates, bowls, and tea sets. At ARCHON GROUP SHOP, we are passionate about quality. Our beautiful living room decor and premium teawares are designed with one goal: to bring people together for memorable experience that delight the senses.


If I was a plumber or a professional tradesman and I used this wrench everyday, I might have ponied up the extra cash and got the aluminum one. Or maybe not, It's only a 10" wrench and not all that heavy. But that's the only other option I would have considered, because the fact is you can't really find a better pipe wrench than these wrenches from Rigid. They're made in the USA and they're no more expensive than any other quality pipe wrench. Pretty much a no brainer, BUY this wrench if you need one, you won't be disappointed.

Frank Peel

I am working on installing those metal grating gutter covers. I learned for some reason I did not have a pair of wire cutters handy, if you can believe it. I ordered these and they work perfect. These are nice and small and I can get the tip of these clippers into the little spaces of the metal gutter covers so I can cut them to size when I reach an end part of a gutter. This is sweet because now I can finish the job and make it look all nice and not have to clean those gutters ever again! Huzzah!


First, I'm just a DIY type guy that built a 9ft display cabinet in our closet for my wife's wedding dress. Drawers on the bottom, cabinet door on top. This was my first attempt installing a cabinet door hinges on something that was not already pre-cut or to replace an old hinge. Hardest part was drilling and chiseling out the holes for the door side of the hinge. I'm sure there is a better way, but I just measured twice and took my time. Final product works great, soft close and alignment are perfect. Now just need to add door handles!

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